Aquarius and aquarius are not compatible

Aquarius and Aquarius Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships - Zodiac Fire

Unlike earth signs , this couple has no attachment to physical objects or money, which makes it all the easier for them to give. Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!!

Both the Aquarius man in love and the Aquarius woman in love are as eclectic as their ideas and friends! One night they may be volunteering at a local soup kitchen, then protesting nuclear weapons at the capital, speaking at a conference for Greek history, and finally ending up at Comic Con in the next town over. Aquarius born are not the envious kinds. And both allow the other to have plenty of space if needed. Aquarius, especially, is not the clingy sort and needs plenty of time out with friends.

And let me tell you, his couple has quite the circle of friends, too! Aquarius is the sun sign of friends and, boy, do they have a lot of them. And this is fine by another Aquarius lover, who loves the knowledgeable friends. Speaking of interesting and innovative, the Aquarius Aquarius sexually are definitely interesting and innovative in the bedroom!

Their innovation can border on deviant, occasionally. You may find this couple handcuffed to the bed in one moment and reciting poetry to each other in the next. There is no limit to what this couple will try. For these two, what stimulates the mind also stimulates the body!! What Color Matches Your Personality?

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Try The Quiz Now!! So Aquarius, if you want to find someone who is scintillated by the Pythagorean theorem, likes to cavort with interesting people, who will support your charitable cause, and will give you support and space, choose another Aquarius! This can be problematic for the Aquarius man Aquarius woman in love. You see, someone has to remember to pay the bills and take care of buying groceries. But in an Aquarius Aquarius marriage , both of you are busy with your creative ideas rather than taking care of your family.

This works our fine until the electricity and water get turned off and someone has to eat.

Aquarius and Aquarius Compatibility

This lack of attention to banalities may also impinge on their most precious resource, friendship. However, once someone becomes a fixture in their lives, they become infinitely less interesting—this also may apply to each other in this Aquarius and Aquarius compatibility! Test Now!

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Unless both Aquarians are mindful, this unintentional disregard for others can land this couple an unpopular reputation for flakiness. And an Aquarius Aquarius couple without friends around them is an unhappy, strained couple. This tendency of the Aquarius man or Aquarius woman to chase after the most popular person in their midst can lead to problems with cheating. Which not so strangely, usually does not bother another Aquarius does, because he or she is just as rational and cerebral as his or her partner.

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The problem is that the more chasing both Aquarians do, the further they run and the less converging and re-converging they do. Thus they may end up drifting apart. Although they will undoubtedly remain friends, this puts a strain on their relationship. The act of one Aquarius loving another is equal to an act of self-love. If the individual is someone who has a keen sense of self-love and acceptance, then they can give the same to a partner.

The ability to embrace someone of the same sign is easier because of empathy. Often, conjunct signs in relationships lead to parties viewing each as soul mates. The Aquarius and Aquarius love match result in the meeting of kindred spirits. Those of like-mind hold the relationship connection together. The relationship thrives if room for independence is in place. If the relationship is so close it becomes smothering, it can throw a bucket of cold water on the fires of passion. A problem might arise if the Aquarian has issues with self-love or self-acceptance.

When a person dislikes him or herself, they will find the same attributes annoying in another. Sometimes, where self-love is absent, the other partner can inspire self-acceptance. The person born under the Aquarius sign is also an Air Sign. This might confuse some when the person is born under the sign of the Water-bearer.

Aquarius and Aquarius Nature and Nuances:

The influence of the air sign aligns with the high intellect of the male and female Aquarian. Those born under this air-ruled sign also love learning and independence. Under the influence of the air, the Aquarius and Aquarius pairing is spontaneous. The couple will express a shared love of learning, and a desire for excitement.

Think what happens when air stops moving: It stagnates. The Aquarius pairing grows stale if it loses its action-oriented vibe. To ensure Aquarius and Aquarius compatibility, things need to stay fresh. Now think what happens to air if there is too much movement. Massive change and upheaval results if the parties become too flighty. If the Aquarian partners take things for granted, commitment is impossible.

Aquarius and Aquarius

Too much air influence in the relationship leads to communication difficulties. It also leads to scattered energies. Air sign people are brainy, so a focus is more on intellect and less on emotion. Weighing heavy on the side of intellect leads to complications. This is true if the situation calls for an emotional response versus one of intellect.

Two Aquarians will need to learn to balance intellect with emotion. It will ensure everyone gets fair treatment. It will also diminish the likelihood of hurt feelings. He is a risk-taker and adventurer. He lives his life as if he is forever on the journey of the hero.

His fearless attitude is appealing to the aloof Aquarius woman. She is one who demands a warrior attitude from her man. She expects him to fill a larger-than-life role of hero. Being a risk taker who enjoys new challenges, the Aquarius man has no trouble living up to the role.

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  • The Aquarius and Aquarius relationship is appealing to the male. But this is only true if he gets plenty of freedom. The Aquarius man demands space. The freedom the Aquarius man needs includes the ability to spend his time as he chooses. It also includes total freedom of expression. It takes a long time for the male Aquarius to become interested in a committed relationship.

    The taste of freedom will have him enjoying the dating scene. To the Aquarius Man, there are too many good flavors to rush the decision on one favorite. The love match between the Aquarius male and Aquarius woman is a process of evolution. Neither partner is in a rush for love or commitment. Love is not a concept the care-free Aquarius man embraces the moment he meets eyes with the Aquarian woman. Yes, the relationship is fun right from the start.

    Yes, there is some chemistry in the Aquarius and Aquarius love match. The intellectually-advanced Aquarius man will not have it any other way. The male will find the Aquarius female mysterious and intriguing. She will have to appeal to him on an intellectual level. Time is always on the side of the man born under this Sun Sign. He enjoys taking his sweet time to learn everything he can about his female partner. The joy of discovery invokes a sense of ecstasy and enthusiasm in his being.

    He respects and honors friendships. He has no problem getting his emotional and sexual fulfillment from someone else. This means the Aquarius Man endures several tests. The tests he completes she will not announce. The grade he gets she will not share.