Cancer ascendant horoscope

Fortunately, your ambitions lead you to concrete projects, which bring you benefits.

Your descendant is Capricorn!

In other words, you know how to be sensible and wise. Often, your commitments will lead you to invest in stone - this also happens through marriage, by the way. First you have to describe what you do not like: the superficial characters, who overdo it to impress their audience You flee them like the plague. You prefer those who seem inaccessible and locked in their ivory tower.

There, your interest awakens.

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In order for you to go further, this potential partner will still need to demonstrate evidence of social skills, character and robustness. Loyalty is also an indispensable quality for you, as is modesty and seriousness. Even if you have to force your Ascendant Cancer nature to come out of your shell, it is often at work that you will make encounters that matter.

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First of all, because it's a guarantee of seriousness. You do not like the idea of going fishing for partners, so having to talk to one another on strategic or managerial issues can lead to something more serious. It even happens, with this position, that your spouse is also your professional partner. With this position, you do not like conflicts. But you rather risk locking yourself in the trap of forced loneliness, if you do not pay attention. Either you stay single or you refuse to terminate the relationship.

With Capricorn coming down, indeed, you expect to have to overcome hardships. For you, it takes effort to stay the course and you do not easily throw in the towel. Be careful not to get too hard when you realize there is nothing left to save. This can happen to anyone. Cancel your web notifications. This site uses cookies to improve your experience.

I accept. Male Female. Health For Cancer Ascendant Cancer Ascendants are prone to coughs, indigestion, gas, and general problems with stomach, liver and intestines.

Physical Appearance For Cancer Ascendant Cancer Ascendant people have round-shaped features and tend to become stout when they reach their thirties. Don't Know Ascendant. Check Now. Finance Are money matters a reason for the dark-circles under your eyes? Ask A Question Is there any question or problem lingering. Love Will you be able to rekindle with your lost love? If you are not. Yantras Energised Yantras for You.

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    • Behavior of the Descendant Capricorn;

    Libra rising sign people are gentle but hate conflict and may go too far to keep the peace. Your Scorpio rising sign presence can be felt without saying a word. You can come across as intense and may be drawn to spiritual pursuits.

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    Your style is colorful, worldly and eclectic. The Aquarius rising sign adds a rebel edge to your vibe, as well as a passion for social justice or cutting-edge ideas. Pisces rising sign people are sensitive artistes who can be powerful healers, but are prone to addiction. Your ascendant is determined by the minute you were born. You just need to know your time, date and place of birth to calculate.

    Have fun looking up yourself and your friends, love interests, coworkers and family members! Art via Tumblr.