Combust saturn vedic astrology

For example, coal is an object of Saturn and the scam related to coal that has come into the limelight is very huge. In short, it can be said that delighted Saturn can glorify you whereas non delighted Saturn will take everything away from you. Saturn and Sun are together in seventh house in Aries.

Combustion in Astrology

This combination is not good for married life but as the Saturn has combusted, the problems will start coming to an end. People will get success in all the walks of life and the chances of progress will also be developed. This means that Saturn combust is fortunate for the Aries people. Saturn and Sun are in the sixth house of Taurus. According to the rule of transit, it is an auspicious situation for both the planets. Therefore, people falling under Taurus sign will be successful and the pending work will also bring profits. Saturn has combusted in the fifth house for Gemini.

Gemini people will get relieved from the fear of losing dignity. There would be an increment in respect and earnings will increase as well. There are chances of financial profit. As the Saturn has combusted in the fourth house of Cancer, these people might experience some decrement in their popularity. There might be some domestic problems and will have to do hard work to accomplish any sort of work. Saturn and Sun are situated in third house for Leo. As per the norms of the transit, it is a profitable situation for both the planets. Combust Saturn will bestow courage to these people and they will be able to overcome their enemies and hurdles.

With this there will be an increment in profits. Virgo is going through the phase of waning Sade sati and Saturn is in the second house. They might get relived from financial issues to some extent but will face unnecessary delays in completing a work. Saturn is exalted in the sign Libra.

These people are facing the medium phase of the Shani Sade Sati. Therefore, they will have to work really hard to get success and will also have to take care of their health due to the combustion of Saturn. Shani Sade sati has begun for this sign few days back. Saturn combust is an indication of several problems for them.

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To accomplish each work they have to focus and work hard honestly. Saturn has combusted in the house of fortune for Sagittarius. These people will get profit after the successful completion of their work. Success in all their work and increment in dignity is foreseen for them. Saturn is the Lord of the Capricorn sign.

They might face some health related issues but as the Saturn has combusted at work place, they will get fame, glory and respect from everyone around. Saturn combust has taken place at the place of luck of Aquarius.

What is the time duration of Saturn combustion?

It is also the Lord of Ascendant for Aquarius. Therefore, apart from the ill effects on health, all the other results will be beneficial. Saturn combust has come with fortune for these people. All their work will be accomplished successfully. Pisces is affected by the two and half phase of Saturn. Venus Combust — just for the sake of ego running behind relationship, wasting time energy and money in relation which you know not gona work. Mercury Combust — Intellect will get over powered by false ego.

Jupiter Combust — self-obsessed with the achievement or knowledge, which will make a person poor in grabbing or making himself resourceful with knowledge further. Saturn Combust — Fake ego will not let the person understand where he went wrong, even delaying in work will make him think he is doing great and everything will be over on time.

Mystery of Combustion of Planets in Astrology | Happiness is Possible.

It mainly effects the relationship with others in our life or at most health or vitality. The main signification of planet which is in combust will be altered whether its good or bad for the particular horoscope. Combustion will be harmful if Sun is the lord of 3 rd ,6 th , 8 th or 12 th house. Cause then it will be affliction by malefic planet of horoscope coupled with the combustion. Never wear Gemstones for strengthening malefic combust planet. The planets that are combust but not functional malefics can be made strong by use of a Kavach or a Special Power Kavach.

The planets that are combust and at the same time are functional malefics also have to be propitiated by charities. The last of all is psychological understanding to cope with the weak areas instead of straining to remove the weakness and then suffering a mental disturbance. The author has closely observed natal charts with combust planets and has found that in cases where the period of such a combust planet operates, it gives unfavorable results through inordinate delays, denials and sufferings caused by the transit planetary influences.

In cases where the main period of such a combust planet does not operate, it's sub-period in the main periods of the functional malefic planets results in delay in the general growth of the individual and serious health problems. Of course, it goes without saying that whenever the sub-period of combust planets is clubbed by unfavorable transits or in the main periods of functional malefic planets, the combust planet really gives very bad results. It does not promote or protect its own general and particular significations.

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On the other hand, it causes strenuous sufferings to the native. The learned readers would find the efficacy of this point of view in the analysis of horoscopes. It acts as a very powerful predictive tool because one finds horoscopes with combust planet s in the majority of cases.

In the sub-periods of functional benefic planets, which are in the state of combustion, the significations ruled not only lack protection but the same are also inordinately delayed, denied or damaged. To augment the strength of the combust planets the natives are recommended to wear a Special Power Kavach in auspiciously elected times to i protect the significations ruled by these planets during transit afflictions; and ii to promote the significations of these planets.

During the sub-period of a combust Moon, the mental peace of the person is lost. One's mother or wife may not enjoy good health.

There are problems in acquisition and maintenance of property. The people try to avoid the person. If such a combust Moon is under the close influence of Rahu or the lords of the eighth and twelfth houses, the person gets involved in many vices and loses mental peace. One is vulnerable to epileptic fits, lung and mental disorders. During the sub-period of a combust Mars one is angry and suffers from injuries due to rashness and muscular disorders.

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One suffers from blood impurities, hypertension and multiple boils. If such a combust Mars is under the exact or close affliction of Rahu one becomes vulnerable to Cancer.


During the sub-period of a combust Mercury one is confused, sensitive and slow in decision making. One suffers from over confidence or lack of confidence and nervous pressures. The peace of mind is disturbed. One becomes vulnerable to convulsions, paralysis, body-aches, breathing problems and skin diseases if the combust Mercury is under the influence of Rahu, especially from the malefic houses. During the sub-period of combust a Jupiter one suffers from liver disorders and fevers. One cannot concentrate on studies. There are obstructions in one's spiritual pursuits. One becomes selfish.

One suffers on account of problems to one's male progeny and husband. During the sub-periods of a combust Venus, one faces loss of comforts. One's wife suffers from ill-health. In the case of females they suffer from urinary infections, malfunctioning of uterus and fallopian tubes. During the sub-periods of a combust Saturn one has to struggle more for success. One may suffer from bone fractures, pain in legs or spinal problems.

One may get involved in leading the low class people or laborers. One does not enjoy good social respect. During the sub-period of the combust lord of the first house one suffers from health problems and loss of status. During the sub-period of the combust lord of the second house one loses wealth, status, suffers on account of an inharmonious marital relationship and male progeny. During the sub-period of the combust lord of the third house one faces isolation and one's younger brothers face troubles.

During the sub-period of the combust lord of the fourth house one loses mental peace and properties.