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Your decisions will mark a positive turning point in your career. Your co-workers will support you.

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

For some it could involve a special project, or learning a new skill. Your health will improve. You have to take a balanced diet and exercise regularly. Students will do well in school. Your financial condition will to improve and professional income may also increase. Your cards indicate that you will travel abroad and all foreign related work will see successful completion. This year will offer a mix of both positive and negative experience for natives of Scorpios. There will be a huge leap in your career, which will benefit you and your family. In terms of health, take good care of your physical body by eating properly and regular exercise.

You could feel tired and restless in the months of June and July, since you will not be able to take clear decisions or arrive at concrete conclusion. But you don't need to worry about such things. Apart from this, there are good chances for you to travel abroad.

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 30 September - 6 October, 12222

You will also involve in religious and spiritual activities. This year you will be receiving the benefits of your hard work and efforts in your workplace. For businessmen, they will receive more clients and signing many business deals. All hurdles related to inheritance, financial disputes and legal problems will be solved in this year. You may could also repay or get rid of financial liabilities and also create a new financial plan for the future. This leap in the financial sector will help you to lead a comfortable life in the social circles. Besides this phase will increase your name and fame.

You may think of buying land, property, gold and vehicles. Since you will be receiving money through all channels, it is best to invest and safe money in good schemes for future.

Scorpio Daily Horoscopes

Moreover, think twice before investing in these things, as small mistakes in financial matters might cause huge loss. This year will be filled with a number of opportunities like sales, commission, profit etc. Businessmen and young entrepreneurs will be able to build new clients, clinch big business deals. Some could also build new organizations. Their business will reach to new height, generating good profit. You will also enjoy the benefits of travelling abroad for signing new projects or contracts. Meeting new places and travelling to new place will expand your horizon.

Through this year, your name and reputation will rise, thereby increasing your value. This year will offer a mixed outcome when it comes to your education. Students pursuing higher studies should give more effort to achieve their desired results. Remember, there is no short cuts to success. You could face a number of problems on your educational path. You can only achieve good results with great determination, motivation, and perseverance.

Weekly Horoscope - Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 7 - 13 October,

Work hard towards your goal alone will help to achieve success. Besides, never get distracted from your students and don't waste your time by helping your friends. An ounce of preparation is worth a kilo of cure! A little fantasy goes a long way this October! And with lovebirds Venus and Mars canoodling in quixotic Libra and your dreamy twelfth house the first week of the month, it may be hard to pull you down off romantic cloud nine and back onto terra firma. Passionate Mars, your co-ruler, is in residence here all month until November 19 , which turns up the heat on those steamy daydreams but can also lead you into temptation—or dicey codependent waters.

Being supportive of your significant other is admirable, but doing their heavy lifting or putting up with abusive behavior is never acceptable. Stop focusing on them like, NOW and get yourself some professional help. An interesting counterbalance arrives on October 8 as vixen Venus detaches from the red planet and revs into your sign and first house of independence. Part of you may feel pulled toward soul-merging while another, possibly stronger side is craving personal space and autonomy.

Scorpio July 2019 Astrology Horoscope Forecast

For some, there could be a separation since Mars in the twelfth house can accelerate endings and transitions. Key Dates: October Venus-Uranus opposition This one-day wrench-thrower of a transit could have you running for the exit. Talk it out and find a compromise that works for both of you. Pace yourself this month, Scorpio.

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Leave time for self-care and creative or restorative activities. Your dreams hold special import now and deliver messages for important projects. Head to the museum, an indie movie or a peaceful botanical garden. Let this alone time inspire you. Luckily, some balance is provided by mental Mercury, the planet of communication, which starts an extended trip through Scorpio from October 3 through December 9.

Scorpio Horoscope

Start polishing your social media and front-facing presence. The October 27 Scorpio new moon is a great launch date for your audacious goals and debuts. People could be flaky or erratic today. Your message could get misinterpreted or lost in the shuffle. Rather than dig yourself in deeper, wait for them to make the next move.

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Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

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