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At either home or your work environment, you prefer to have things be neat and orderly. There is a likelihood that you may prosper by those more advanced in their age. People in respectable positions tend to want to see you succeed as they are intuitively aware of your dedication to all that you undertake. Leadership comes naturally to you and you understand just what needs to be done to further your goals. Mentally you are realistic, thoughtful, and demanding. You do not take well to others telling you how to do something as you prefer to think through it yourself thoroughly, analyse it, and come to your own conclusions as to what needs doing and how.

Frequent fluctuations and transformations are likely to be part of your life and aid you in improving yourself and the lives of others. Intuitively you are aware that these fluctuations are good for you and are therefore welcoming of them. You find yourself striving to better the world, and you are able to do this peacefully and lawfully, without causing strife or disharmony. Emotionally, you may express yourself by creating in some form, whether this be writing, dancing, art, or music.

You are drawn to theoretical concepts and new age topics, as well as subjects having to do with the spiritual realm. Religious choirs tend to sooth you and inspire you and you try to help others to achieve the same experience. You possess a highly spiritual consciousness and should trust your gut instincts. People generally have faith in you to be a moral person and seek your counsel, as you are sympathetic and emotionally in tune.

Birth Chart: Jacqueline Stallone (Sagittarius)

You may have accurate premonitions or visions that aid you in realising your dreams. Look for the true meaning in all of your endeavours. This placement contributes to a healthy body and mind. You know how to assert yourself when needed and you confront your troubles head-on, in a clear manner. Rather than sulking about the difficulties you encounter, you concentrate on eradicating them. You are unsympathetic when you hear people complaining about their challenges without putting in the necessary effort to fix them.

Through the obstacles in your life, you have discovered how to channel your emotional energy and cravings into productive endeavours instead of letting them tear you apart. You are rarely sick and when you do happen to catch something, you recover rapidly. People gravitate towards your enthusiastic nature and the vitality you exude. You are brave and capable, allowing you to feel confident participating in strategic risk-taking.

You easily attract potential romantic partners because of your gregarious demeanour.

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People may find you egotistical and self-absorbed. The key to attracting others is to practice being humble instead. You have an instinctual knowledge of what needs to be done and how to go about it, however you can often be unaware of the amount of sacrifice you may be requiring from other people or what they may require. You may arrogantly go about behaving as though you can do no wrong, and this causes tension for others when they pick up on this aura; no one is infallible.

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Keep yourself open to what other people bring to the table; show them that their ideas are welcome. Use your ability to lead others to their benefit rather than for your own self-indulgent needs. You want to spread some of the joy you feel to others, though at times you may give too much of yourself. In your mind, whatever you set out to accomplish will work out somehow and this can cause you to put in very little effort or concern.

If something is difficult, you may exert only sluggish attempts of solving the issue. This is particularly true in regards to your emotions. You are also likely to indulge in tasty cuisine more than you should which causes you trouble in maintaining your figure and can lead to larger problems in the future. This placement bestows you with a pleasing personality, an idealistic viewpoint, an ethical nature, open-mindedness, good fortune, and monetary aid from friends and familial ties.

You highly dislike dishonest behaviour and prefer to act honourably at all times; you have a very strong moral compass. You enjoy thinking about philosophy and can be rather devoted to your beliefs even if you do not belong to any specific religion. You are self-assured and do not suffer with the insecurities that many are plagued with; you know who you are and what you are capable of. When you do encounter trouble, it does not keep you down for long but rather you are likely to find your problems quite humorous. In fact, you try to insert a good deal of laughter and joy into your life in general.

You hope to see others improving themselves and their situations and you are happy to aid them in doing so if it fosters their advancement. The main concern with this placement is to be mindful of your tendency towards laziness and over-indulgence. You are well-loved by others due to your upstanding nature.

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It seems that something always stands in the way of what you are trying to accomplish. It would be wise to evaluate the reasoning behind your actions.

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Are these actions done for selfish reasons alone, or do they have a benefit for humanity as a whole? Competing with others allows you to learn how to better collaborate with people. Much wisdom can be attained with this placement, however it is imperative that you act selflessly.

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Karma from a past life insists that you listen to the opposing views of others openly in this life, as you had acted in a controlling, commanding manner previously. If you insist on holding to your own opinions rigidly, your conditions will only worsen. Those who need to learn this are often placed in powerful roles so that they may do so. Be humble, keep striving, and develop your patience. You can be very innovative though you must develop a way to adapt. You prefer things to stay the same, with the same routine, and this desire prompts you to attempt controlling others in some way.

This placement may create a great deal of tension for you emotionally, though you can use these challenges to better understand the meaning of life. A confidant demeanour draws good fortune to you.

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You strive to grow in wisdom, using philosophical interest to guide you. This placement bestows protection, though it may not come until right in the nick of time. You are energetic, excitable, sociable, cheerful, and lucky.

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You are likely to acquire monetary comforts with this placement. You dream big, though do not need to fight hard to make your dreams a reality. You tend to be giving, warm, dependable, genuine, truthful, and full of idealism. Your moral values are particularly strong and you believe in being fair and acting honourably. Petty displays are not abided by and you would never disgrace yourself enough to reach that kind of low.

You attempt to develop self-discipline and awareness through spiritual means, particularly religion or philosophical studies.

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Past life karma is strong for you and favours you in many ways due to your caring, generous deeds towards others in a previous life. Others may believe you are a threat to them somehow and will attempt to harm you before you can do the same. Those in positions of power will come to you and show you how a true leader should behave. Your wants are particularly intense and once you set your sights on a goal, not much can keep you from achieving it.

When this happens you can end up with an obsessive sort of tunnel vision until you are finished, often become highly subjective in regards to the matter at hand.