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On the other hand, Liz Greene did not predict the rise of Donald J. Who could have predicted that? BTW: If you have time, you might want to watch this video , a compilation of clips from various Trump interviews from on. It certainly does appear that he is doing, or damn well attempting to do, exactly what he has been talking about all along. Whether or not his diagnosis of the deplorable state of the U.

As a savvy businessman, he has a proven track record. Because you know, in your gut, that this is where the U. The most significant transit of our lifetimes, and of the — still short, remember, compared to, say China, or India! Might we begin to get a taste of our own medicine? Might we begin to recognize the wisdom of growing up and not acting out like a teenage bully?

Saturn Returns

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Astroroom - free basic astrology Learn astrology at astroroom. Free resource with articles and information on Sun Signs, Moon signs, planets, aspects, love compatibility and many other things. Astrology by Hazel Make your life better with professional, personalised astrology by Hazel, tailored to your needs. But first things first: let's start by building the structure of the archetype of the zodiac sign Capricorn. Capricorn, Saturn its planetary ruler and the 10th house Capricorn's natural house are associated with:. What's not to like? Without our skeleton, we would not be able to stand or walk.

Liz Greene: Pluto in Capricorn (2008-2026) Overview

Without our skin, we would have nothing to delineate where we end and the rest of the world begins. Capricorn may limit us but it is for the purpose of creation, advancement and manifestation.

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How does Capricorn limit us? It often forces us to make do with less than we'd like to; it may compel us to make sacrifices for a greater purpose; it can render us humourless, dour and stern, as we concentrate on achieving our goals. Where do I sign up? However, limitations, sacrifices and seriousness are necessary "evils" in order to achieve manifestation and results. It's helpful to compare Capricorn and Sagittarius.

There are many ways in which they are total opposites: Jupiter and Sagittarius are about possibilities; Capricorn is about actualities. Sag loves speculation; Cap prefers facts and results. Jupiter expands and grows; Saturn prunes back and conserves. On the other hand, they are also similar in many ways, seeming to be opposite sides of the same coin: Jupiter may be self important and dogmatic; Saturn can be authoritarian and demanding. Sagittarius wants growth and expansion if lavishly ; Capricorn wants to achieve goals and progress albeit cautiously.

Sag aims for moral betterment; Cap strives for maturation and results. Sag launches a pilgrimage for the Truth; Cap marches steadily toward facts and realism. Saturn was the outermost, and therefore the slowest moving, planet in our solar system until Uranus was discovered in Uranus thought it was about time you guys noticed him, and Saturn thought it was a planetary coup Although the transpersonal planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto show us a much more complex picture of maturity and personal evolution, Saturn remains the primary representative of the basic human developmental process.

By transit, Saturn is associated with certain rites of passage which flag important crossroads in our lives. At the second Saturn opposition, we are in our mid 40s. Like adolescence, we are typically trying to figure out who we are, what we really want and trying to balance the pursuit of diversion with the demands of reality. The second Saturn return comes in our late 50s, when we must again come to terms with our aging passage, this time from midlife to our senior years.

Saturn has an agenda: to lead us into the experiences that force us to reckon with the necessities and realities of life. His purpose is to challenge us to grow, reinforce and etch out a space inside ourselves that will enable us to contain and endure the crises and climaxes of life. Your reward for enduring all that struggle is more struggle. I want my money back!

If we have not done our homework, we can become lost or mislead when faced with the tests of later learning. We cannot understand calculus if we're still struggling with simple mathematics; by the same token, we will find it extremely difficult to redirect, prune back and rebalance our identity at midlife if we have not built a solid adult identity in our 30s.

Transiting Saturn forms the backbone of the human maturation process. It is the framework around which all other rites of passage and transition occur.

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When we undergo a Pluto transit , leading us through a Dark Night of the Soul, it is experienced through the filter of our Saturnian level of development. Our level of awareness, understanding and maturity will greatly affect how we experience transits. Saturn and Capricorn also provide the structure, stamina and endurance that enable us to pursue a dream to its manifest conclusion, but this ability is acquired piece by piece, layer by layer.

If any of the bricks in the preceding layers are missing, the strength of the entire wall will be jeopardized. Another ingredient in our Capricorn recipe for achievement is responsibility. This is another Saturnian word that evokes groans from many people who expect boring, unbending demands to be imposed with little reward in return. The fact is, when we think of responsibility, we mostly think of being responsible toward another person. This usually evokes images of having to place others as the top priority, while stowing ourselves away in a corner somewhere.

What about ME??!! Ain't I worth it, too??? But if we're constantly putting others first, can we realistically go on disregarding our own needs? What about us? Each of us has needs, priorities and requirements, too.