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I liked it: There are many more things that have to do with the number 23, trust me.

I've thought of so many.. I just can't remember them all. Difficult difficult lemon difficult Chocolate Sundae MAMIL Fluffer Sandwich The Situation Make It Up TTUN Sana All Anne-Marie: Tony Christie ft. Tell us what was Number 1 on your 14th birthday below:.

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Drake is actually his middle name. As of August , the indomitable Drake spent 51 consecutive weeks on the top 10 singles chart, setting a new record for male artists.

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Drake became the first-ever artist to log eight straight years on the Hot in May While many people remember the infamous fight between Chris Brown and Drake at a nightclub, not as many people remember the reason for the fight. It distracts from the music. The relationship was rumored, but the fight and the aftermath made it seem like he was protecting his girlfriend.

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Then they reportedly made it official. But in October , Rihanna totally snubbed Drake and declined to attend his birthday party.

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